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Breakdown VC day 2016

AMEXCAP is delighted to invite you to its fifth consecutive Mexico VC Day, which will take place on October 19th, 2017 at the Marriott Union Square Hotel in San Francisco.

Mexico faced many challenges during the first half of 2017: from gloomy forecasts about its economy, to Trump’s protectionist economic policy. However, Mexico has undeniable factors playing in its favor, like:

  • Market potential
  • Young population
  • Talented and creative entrepreneurs
  • Growing purchasing power of the Mexican middle class
  • Population density that translates into diverse market needs and opportunities to test the startups’ solutions
  • Underserved sectors, which can be a synonymous of business opportunities
  • Geographical closeness to the US
  • Entrepreneurial support by Government Institutions and regulations

During the 2016 edition we welcomed:  

  • Over 200 participants
  • 15 LP firms 
  • 53 speakers who shared their specialized views about the VC and Entrepreneurial ecosystems


"The pipeline looks huge and won't be stopping soon"

- Camilo Kejner, Angel Ventures Mexico